Salezjański Zespół Szkół Publicznych "Don Bosko" w Świętochłowicach

Who we are

We are a Salesian School in Swietochlowice (Upper Silesia region) in the south of Poland. The name of the school ‘Don Bosko’ derives from the founder of the Salesians Society, John Bosco who lived in Italy in the 19th century.

‘Don Bosko’ school complex in Swietochlowice consists of junior secondary school, comprehensive high school and technical school. This website aims as presenting the school’s life, environment, initiatives, festivals and some information about the town of Swietochlowice and the Upper Silesia region.

How to reach us:
SZSP ‘Don Bosko’ – Salesian School
Wojska Polskiego 82
41-603 Swietochlowice
Telephone: ++48 32 3452166
Fax: ++48 32 3452168

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